Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UIS Technology Partners: Trust and Integrity

Information technology ("IT") has various meanings, a buzzword for outsourcing or a opportunity to embrace innovation and business excellence. Concerning the latter, with its emphasis on developing long-term relationships with clients and crafting customized solutions for specific challenges, UIS Technology Partners stands apart.

Led by Paul Dorian, the Founder and CEO of the company, UIS is a prime example of the power of insourcing. Meaning: IT should not be an invitation for businesses to relegate their most crucial responsibilities to untested, unqualified and unprepared vendors overseas. For the true cost of entering into such a situation, a false partnership with the allure of massive savings and unprecedented results, is failure. Hence Paul's commitment to insourcing, an exclusive arrangement where clients get the personalized attention they deserve, courtesy of experts who have the knowledge and wisdom necessary for success.

As this blog evolves, we will have a chance to showcase UIS and its many achievements. Those strengths, complemented by the efforts of Paul and his team, are the ultimate testament to the future of IT. Trust and integrity: that is the essence of UIS.


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