Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Value of Working with UIS Technology Partners

The value of UIS Technology Partners is a topic I often discuss, with insight and candor. Which is not to suggest that I view this brand without respect for the competition or ignorance of the marketplace as a whole. Rather, it is precisely because of this knowledge of the industry - and the dynamic changes underway within the field of information technology - that I understand the contributions responsible for the success of UIS. For there is a paradox that defines the global economy, on the one hand, and the necessity of working with UIS on the other: in an environment where choice is plentiful - we have a seemingly unlimited selection of technology specialists, positioned around the world, vying to underbid each other other - and yet, quality is now an ever more precious commodity. Why?

To answer that question - to address something so obvious but challenging - we must first ask another question: What distinguishes UIS from other IT companies? Let's start with an emphasis on personalization, where UIS educates clients - in person, free of the virtual roadblocks that stymie communication and reduce clients to a series of numbers and billing codes - and devises innovative solutions for complex projects. While that philosophy should be obligatory, and it is a requirement for UIS, too many vendors, sadly, do not spend the time to create a true relationship between themselves and the clients they advice. Which brings us back to our original question: Why is quality such an elusive commodity, in a global marketplace where the easy availability of talent would, presumably, would help everyone. In a word: outsourcing.

Put aside the politics and controversy surrounding outsourcing, and focus instead on the fact that this phenomenon is neither efficient nor affordable. Efficiency dissolves because of a variety of factors - language difficulties, cultural differences, managerial problems - while affordability collapses as a result of these issues. Which leaves us with only one truly effective option: insourcing.

UIS is the leader in this field - insourcing for IT - because the company has the experience, credibility, insight and wisdom - yes, wisdom - necessary to succeed. By those measures, UIS offers tremendous value.